IBCC Lecture and Supper Series – Wright Brothers to Lancaster in 37 years

The Technology of the Bombing War – Part 5.

Wright Brothers to Lancaster in 37 years

It’s hard to believe, but the Lancaster bomber first flew just 37 years after the Wright Brother’s first powered flight. The pace of aviation development was dizzying and was fuelled as much by two world wars as it was by commerce, perhaps more.

In this lecture, his fifth in the series, Dave Gilbert takes a step back from the cutting-edge technology of the time and retraces the technological developments that gave us the Lancaster and discusses what made it arguably the most successful bomber of its time.

Presented in the style of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, there will be hands-on demos involving plenty of audience participation. As anyone who’s been to one before already knows, there may be strobe lighting and you might even get a little wet! No maths, no prior knowledge required, just bring your sense of humour and maybe a brolly (just kidding, you won’t get that wet).

So if you’ve ever wondered what the Bernoulli effect is, who ‘George’ was, or what a Pitot tube does, this is the lecture for you.

The evening starts with a delicious hot buffet supper in The Hub Café at 18.30.

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