International Bomber Command Centre


The Chadwick Centre brings to life the experience of those involved or affected by the fight to preserve the freedom we enjoy today.

The Chadwick Centre uses state-of-the-art technology and interactive displays to tell the story of Bomber Command, through the eyes of those who witnessed events first-hand. Interviews with veterans of both Air and Ground Crew, and support staff from around the world, come together to create an Orchestra of Voices.  There are accounts from survivors of the Allied bombing campaign, members of the Resistance Movement, and people affected by the influx of thousands of service personnel into their communities.

In the 21st century, it is possible to commemorate the bravery of those who served, while recognising the complexity of the issues surrounding the targeting of civilian populations.

The Centre is named in honour of Roy Chadwick, designer of the Avro Lancaster Bomber.

The Chadwick Centre hosts the Hub Cafe where visitors can select from a range of tempting treats

  • Three exhibition galleries with state of the art interactive and immersive exhibits
  • The story of those involved, on all sides
  • Hub Café – an extensive, locally sourced menu, fully licenced, friendly & helpful staff
  • Shop – a range of souvenirs, books, models, and gifts, for enthusiasts, & families alike
  • An extensive programme of events, throughout the year
  • Educational facilities and team
  • Fully accessible with additional assistive aids available
  • Archive Collections Centre

  • What it was like serving as Aircrew, or providing support to Bomber Command
  • What it was like to take part in an operation
  • What it was like to be involved in a bombing sortie
  • The story of the civilians building the planes
  • The impact of the raids on the targeted populations
  • The debates in the War Cabinet about the wisdom of campaigns
  • The struggle for recognition by those who served Bomber Command
  • The impact that Bomber Command had on the War and those involved
  • The contribution of Lincolnshire to the War effort