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If you can’t bring your school to us, why not let us bring the IBCC experience to you? Our highly knowledgeable team have all the skills to help bring history to life right from the comfort of your classroom!

We can visit your school virtually or in person and run workshops with objects, stories and expert information to enhance learning of your local history and World War II.

“A lovely immersive experience for the children. A really enjoyable afternoon.” – The Lancaster School.

Children will feel inspired to learn more and have lasting memories to help underpin future learning. This is the perfect kick off to a new topic of learning and links perfectly to the national curriculum!

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International Bomber Command Centre
Archie Williams | Rear Gunner | IBCC

Experience The Life Of Archie Williams.

As part of our in-school learning experience, children will be taught the story of Archie Williams, a boy whose father was a pilot in the Royal Air Force (RAF). Archie’s story is inspired by the real experiences of those who served in Bomber Command.

Learn how this ordinary young boy went on to be an incredible rear gunner! One of the most dangerous jobs during World War II.

Children will love hearing the story which allows them to relate to their surroundings and the relatable characters who are inspired by real stories. There are plenty of discussion points planned in to enable children to actively engage with the learning throughout.

By utilising many famous Lincolnshire landmarks (such as the cathedral), children are able to understand how history fits into their own lives. Giving children this anchor point also allows them to anchor their learning and gain a deeper understanding.

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Bring History To Life In Your Classroom!

Our team will bring a selection of real props to engage your pupils! Including flyer goggles, an oxygen mask and a pilot’s cap.

Your classroom will feel like the Bomber Command training facilities during World War 2, with children encouraged to dress up as pilots and officers using the provided costumes. They will be taught about the significance of each role and guided through training before heading on a march.

“Interactive, good price and aimed at the right age. Linked really well to our topic.” – Woodlands Infant School.

Not only are our in school workshops fun, they allow children to embed their learning from hands-on experiences and relatable stories they’ll remember. This unique experience is perfect for an afternoon or for schools where it’s not possible to visit us here at IBCC.

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In school classroom activities | IBCC
children watching an interactive historical film | IBCC

Suitable For Any Age!

Our team are highly experienced in delivering sessions to a range of ages and ability levels. For older students, you can also book a virtual session where they can ask questions and develop their learning with the help of our experts.

We have experience in delivering these sessions to a range of pupils and have carefully curated the whole experience to ensure it is suitable for all. However, you can contact our team in advance who will be happy to discuss the stories and learning in more detail to ensure you are happy with the content for your class.

How To Book An In School Visit.

If you’re ready to take your class on an adventure through the history of Bomber command to learn all about the vital role of pilots during World War 2, then get in touch with our learning team today. They will be able to discuss your requirements and select a date and time which works best for your class.

There is a charge of £3 per child for our in school visits and workshops, where children will complete a range of activities, including object handling, an interactive story and a Lancaster activity.

These sessions are very popular, so we recommend getting in touch with us early to secure your ideal date.

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