Ribbon of Remembrance:
Every Stone Tells A Story

Don’t Let Their Memories Fade

The Ribbon of Remembrance is an important and moving focal point for visitors to remember, commemorate and honour their loved ones.

Every stone represents a different story, a unique journey that will now be preserved in history for future generations. Anyone can be commemorated on the Ribbon of Remembrance, whether that’s a relative, ancestor, friend, crew or association.

Stones can be placed for a wide range of individuals and groups, including veterans, crews, volunteers and local residents. They are not just for those associated with Bomber Command or the Armed Forces; anyone can be commemorated on the Ribbon of Remembrance.

Each stone not only serves as a poignant place to reflect and remember but also supports the International Bomber Command Centre, with the funds raised helping us continue our research, preserve stories and build a valuable learning platform for the next generation.

“When their time comes, the Ribbon of Remembrance is these people coming home. These individuals went through so much together, giving their lives so that we could enjoy freedom, and with the stones, there’s that feeling of reunion.”
– Robert Ankerson, RAF Squadron Leader, Navigator and President of the Royal Air Forces ex-PoW Association

International Bomber Command Centre
International Bomber Command Centre

Where are the Ribbon of Remembrance Stones?

The Ribbon of Remembrance connects the Chadwick Centre to the Memorial Spire and Walls of Names, which proudly stand at the heart of the International Bomber Command Centre.

The Walls of Names remember almost 58,000 men and women who lost their lives serving or supporting Bomber Command during WWII. We decided the Memorial Avenue leading up to the Walls was the perfect location for the Ribbon of Remembrance, with each stone offering the opportunity to commemorate, honour and remember a person, crew or association close to your heart.


Order Your Ribbon of Remembrance Stone

Ribbon of Remembrance Stones are available in a range of sizes, and all enquiries can be emailed to sue@internationalbcc.co.uk.