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The 2018 Sandford Award citation reads:

The International Bomber Command Centre has certainly “hit the ground running” with the education programmes that they offer. The focus that runs throughout the programmes of Remembrance, Recognition, Reconciliation, ensure that the activities that they offer are engaging, thoughtful, informative and inspiring. This is a visit that every student, regardless of gender, personal interest in the Second World War, or preferred learning style, will enjoy and at the end of the visit will understand the impact of Bomber Command on everyone involved on all sides.


  • Discover what it was like to be on a bombing sortie with our immersive experience
  • Be a member of an operational Aircrew with our interactive aircraft table
  • Build a plane puzzle – can you beat the clock?
  • Find out about the role of women in WWII
  • Travel the world with the 62 nations who served in Bomber Command
  • What did children do during the war?
  • Learn about navigation and how it was used
  • Hear the stories of the people who were there


  • What it was like serving as Aircrew, or providing support to Bomber Command
  • What it was like to take part in a operation
  • What it was like to be involved in a bombing sortie
  • The story of the civilians building the planes
  • The impact of the operations on the targeted populations
  • The debates in the War Cabinet about the wisdom of campaigns
  • The struggle for recognition by those who served Bomber Command