The IBCC provides a world-class facility acknowledging the efforts, sacrifices and commitment of the men and women, from 62 different nations, who came together in Bomber Command during WWII, as well as the stories of those who suffered as a result of the bombing campaigns and those whose survival was guaranteed by the humanitarian operations of Bomber Command.

Enhance your students studies of the Second World War or Local History with a visit to the IBCC. Our facilitated schools sessions will enable your students to develop their skills in historical enquiry by discovering first hand stories, unique artefacts and state of the art interactives.

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Contact our Learning Officer to book your visit at learning@internationalbcc.co.uk

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Activities include:

1. Immersive activities that provide teachers and learners with experiences that cannot be delivered in the classroom

2. A range of digital and physical resources and activities that vary the pace and style of the learning experience

3. Strong human stories, from different points of view, that help young people to develop empathy with those who lived through these events and aid understanding of historical periods and events

4. Inclusive resources that reflect the diversity of those involved in events – local residents in ‘Bomber County’, ground crew, women volunteers, overseas airmen, children, victims of ‘area bombing’, intergenerational groups, relatives of those affected and cover the involvement of 60 nations in the fight for freedom

5. Focus on relevant Bomber Command themes for example: ‘sacrifice’. ‘duty’, ‘innocence’, ‘suffering’, ‘remembrance’, ‘family and friends’ and ‘courage’ all of which will help teachers and learners explore the events of 1939-45