Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire

From the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight to the International Bomber Command Centre, Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire represents the great milestones in the RAF’s history through such sites as the Lima Sector museum at RAF Digby and the early days of flight at the RAF Cranwell Heritage and Ethos Centre.

“Just Jane” keeps the memories alive with her weekly taxi runs at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby, whilst more modern aircraft from the Cold War period are on display at the Newark Air Museum.

Through its fifteen member sites and other partnerships, Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire remains at the forefront of promoting our proud history of aviation.

Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire is now partnered with the Military Aviation Heritage Networks – regionally based groups of organisations that bring together those who care about aviation heritage, its conservation, commemoration, display and sustainability.

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Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire