Peace Gardens

The IBCC features two peace gardens set across 10 acres of landscaped grounds.  Each offer quiet, contemplative space and are free to access.


Peaceful contemplation and remembrance

The Lincolnshire Peace Garden

Includes 27 native trees marking each of the operational Bomber Command stations in the county during the war.  Interpretation, both digital and physical, will help you to trace the history of each station and the Squadrons that were stationed there.

The International Peace Garden

Pays homage to the 62 nations who served or supported the Command.  Covering 5 continents, the stories of their involvement is one that is rarely known.  Use the IBCC app to discover more about the range of nations and the contribution they made.



The Lincolnshire Garden

  • 27 native Lime trees have been used to mark the stations
  • The Garden plays host to the Ribbon Of Remembrance
  • Over 8,000 Lincolnshire daffodil bulbs have been planted
  • Wild turf has been used in areas including poppies

The International Garden

  • Commemorates the support of 62 nations
  • Includes a planting bed for each continent, incorporating international species
  • Promotes peace and reconciliation
  • Incorporates the Peace Grove, providing that private, quiet moment