Lindum Colonia Memorial Stone

I am a Harley Davidson motorcycle owner and member of Lindum Colonia UK Chapter. This a Harley Owners Group club. As with all UK chapters and many other motorcycle clubs we raise money for charity. The club is always looking for worthy causes.

I volunteer as a tour guide at the IBCC and having a memorial stone on the Ribbon of Remembrance for our eldest daughter it suddenly came to me, why not have a stone from the chapter. I suggested at a club night, as we are a Lincoln club with many ex-military (predominantly RAF) members and that the IBCC is a charitable organisation why don’t we raise money for them by buying a memorial stone. In this way not only would the IBCC benefit but our club name could be incorporated and last forever. The club members loved the idea and agreed to raise the necessary funds.

One member works in graphic design for a living so Kirk was tasked to design the stone. He ran his first idea past me using the club logo as a picture for engraving but I suggested that although it would be appropriate I thought we needed an out and out picture of a motorbike to emphasise we are a motorcycle club. Kirk asked me to confirm our bike was a Softail Custom which I did and thought nothing more of it. Kirk duly unveiled his design at a club night and to my amazement the picture was changed to our bike. The membership approved the picture and wording immediately. £1500 was raised by the club for the stone and presented to the IBCC.