Losses Database

The IBCC Losses Database records the details of 57,861 Bomber Command deaths during WWII.  It provides one of  the most comprehensive record of these losses in the world.

The work to create this database, which now contains almost 4 million pieces of data, has taken our team of volunteers 5 years.  Led by our Losses Archivist, and volunteer, Dave Gilbert.  The team have cross referenced the data with innumerable sources including national and international Rolls of Honour, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Squadron Association logs, the Chorley Volumes and POW records.

The database now contains over 3 million individual pieces of information and will help you discover the story behind each loss.  The work on the database continues with the aim to record every single loss during WWII from those who served or supported Bomber Command.

Bomber Command covers only those squadrons who were flying out of the UK.  If your search doesn’t produce the results you were expecting it could be that your relative served in one of the other Commands:

  • Far East Command
  • Air Command South East Asia
  • Middle East Command
  • Mediterranean Command
  • Coastal Command
  • Transport Command

A search for the squadron number on the internet should clarify in which Command your relative served. We are looking for photographs and further information for those who lost their lives to help bring those who perished to life.  You can submit additional information and photos from the entry on the Losses Database.

Enter a surname or surname followed by initials- for example SMITH or SMITH JL then press return even if the name of the person you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu.