The final stretch – Day three of the Dinghy Young cycle trip to Holland

The Final Stretch -Group of 13 people gathered round a café table

The final stretch! This week, seven cyclists have undertaken an approximately 300-mile journey in honour of Dinghy Young, his crew, and the rest of the Dambusters who gave their life during the legendary Möhne Dam raid. To commemorate their victory and sacrifice, we’ve organised for Dinghy and his crew’s silhouettes from our famous ‘Men of the Dams’ art installation to be taken to Castricum aan Zee for a memorial service. Here we talk you through the final day of cycling before the ceremony. 

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The end was in sight as the seven RAF cyclists set off yesterday morning, renewing their spirits as they set out to cover the final 30 miles to the final resting places of Dinghy Young and his crew. 

The day’s route took them through more of the Netherlands’ beautiful wildlife and scenery as they continued to enjoy the sunny weather their friends and family back home had been missing. However, with the end close in sight the team rarely stopped to enjoy their surroundings as they continued to push their physical limit after two days of solid cycling. 

Meanwhile, our chief executive Nicky van der Drift also made the journey over to meet with Jan van Dalen, president of the 617 Squadron Memorial Foundation to make the final preparations before the ceremony the next day where he, Nicky, the mayor of Castricum aan Zee, the RAF, and living relatives of the Dinghy Young’s crew will be speaking and remembering the crew’s braveness.  

Finally, the cyclists arrived at the end of their 300-mile journey having left the International Bomber Command Centre only around 60 hours earlier. To reward their efforts, they and the wider team enjoyed a well deserved round of drinks.

Making steady progress – Day two of the Dinghy Young cycle trip to Holland

Returning our Dambuster silhouettes to their home, here we talk you through the second day of an RAF cycling challenge we’ve helped to organise that sees seven members of the RAF cycle from the IBCC to Castricum aan Zee in Holland to honour the Dambusters Dinghy Young and his crew who lost their lives during the legendary raid. To catch up on their first day, visit here: 

While much of the UK had rain, for the RAF Cyclists it was nothing but sunshine as they completed the first leg of their journey on Netherlands soil.  

Having taken the evening before to recover from the previous day’s cycling, all seven of the cyclists were once again ready and waiting to set off in the early morning to make some good progress on the day’s journey ahead.  

Yesterday’s route saw the team start in Rotterdam’s beautiful old town. The team spent most of the day on coastal paths as they travelled north toward Castricum aan Zee, where the memorial ceremony will take place to remember Dinghy Young and his crew’s sacrifice during the Möhne Dam raid where they were shot down only 200 yards from safety. 

Along the way the team also stopped at the International Court of Justice to visit the World Peace Flame. 

The final rendezvous for the day was in Katwijk-aan-zee where the cyclists enjoyed some well-earned down time and well-earned drinks. Reporting back to us, they said they had a brilliant day with many people stopping them to find out more about the challenge, why they’re doing it, and the history behind their jerseys – each of which represent one of the lost crew. 

Some photos from the day below: 



And they’re off! Day one blog of the Dinghy Young cycle trip to Holland

Returning some of our Dambuster silhouettes to their home, here we talk you through the first day of an RAF cycling challenge we’ve helped to organise that sees seven members of the RAF cycle from the IBCC to Castricum aan Zee in Holland. The team will be taking the central silhouettes of our Men of the Dams installation – Dinghy Young and his crew – to the place where their bodies were recovered for a memorial ceremony to mark the anniversary of the raid.

Starting the day at the IBCC, the cyclists set off on their journey at around 8am, donning their specially made jerseys to each represent a member of Dinghy Young’s crew as they embark on this challenge.

The trip itself commemorates the seven members of Dinghy Young’s aircraft as they sacrificed their lives during the legendary Dambusters raid in 1943. Dinghy Young’s crew were the first to breach the Möhne Dam during the raid but were shot down on their return journey only 200 yards from safety.

A memorial now stands in Holland where their bodies were recovered and is the ultimate destination for this multi day cycling challenge.

After setting off from the IBCC, swift time was made as the cyclists journeyed through the Lincolnshire countryside stopping regularly to take in the sites as they go. The team took time to visit the home of the Dambusters – the Petwood Hotel – which was where 617 Squadron Officers spent their downtime in the months leading up to the night of the raid. Today, the Squadron Bar hosts a range of memorabilia and tributes which our cyclists took the time to admire.

As well as the Petwood Hotel, the cyclists also visited the 617 Squadron memorial at Woodhall Spa and Scampton Church where a stain glass window immortalises the Dambusters formation. A Typhoon flypast over the Humber Bridge marked the challenge and spurred the team on.

Recounting the day’s cycling, the cyclists were understandably tired, but in high spirits to carry on after they reach the continent the following day via overnight ferry.

Some photos from the day’s cycling below: