Ruth Runs to Raise Funds

Ruth Allen-Williams has been a volunteer at the IBCC since 2017 helping, in the main, with the Learning team, escorting schoolchildren and other youth groups on guided tours, helping with workshops and craft days.

She is a passionate supporter of helping children understand their heritage and the power of Remembrance and is keen to help us raise funds to build a brand new Learning Centre in the grounds.  This is becoming more and more important as the demand for learning sessions increases and space in the building is in demand.  This building will provide a purpose-built facility that can be used by learners of all ages in an engaging and stimulating environment.  The target is not only to provide the space we need but to make the facility carbon neutral, ensuring that we play our part in protecting the future of the children and the planet.

Ruth says:

“I started jogging in my twenties and completed the Lincoln Half Marathon twice in the 1980s. Since then I’ve continued to run about 2-3 miles most mornings. I love being out in nature and I find the exercise is really good for my mental health. Even when I really don’t feel like going out I always feel better afterwards.  I’ve always wanted to do a full marathon but it’s only since I’ve been retired that I find I have enough time to devote to a full training programme.  I’m now in week 8 of my 27 week plan which takes me to Sunday April 16th, the date of the Boston marathon. (Not Boston, Massachusetts but Boston, Lincolnshire which is on the same day). I’m gradually increasing the length of my long runs each week and this weekend I plan to run 10 miles.

I want to raise money through sponsorship towards a new education building at the IBCC. As a volunteer tour guide and assistant to the Learning Officers, I really love working with the children who come to the centre to learn about the outstanding bravery of the young airmen of Bomber Command and the devastating effects of bombing and warfare. My hope is that their visits to the IBCC will inspire them to work towards peace and reconciliation in their own lives and in the world of their future.

I hope people will feel able to give something, however small, to add to my sponsorship and spur me on in my training for the big day.”

To support Ruth you can donate via her Just Giving page, just click here

Update – January 2023.

Hi everyone.

Happy new year to all. Here’s an update on my marathon training progress. Good news! I ran the half marathon distance 13.1 miles on Sunday morning New Year’s Day! My time was slow but I was running in Wales up a lot of steep hills in rain and wind so pretty challenging conditions. Training here is certainly good preparation for the flatter (hopefully more benign) route in the fens around Boston.


February update – disaster has fallen!  Ruth injured herself in training and is unable to rain for the next four weeks.  This will leave too little time to get to where she needs to be for the April marathon in Boston.  However, she is determined to raise funds for the new IBCC Education building and so will now be running in the October Yorkshire Marathon.

Update April 2023

After a frustrating period of enforced “walk only” training, my leg is at last feeling well enough to begin a gradual return to running. My hope is to restart my previous training schedule some time later this month. I have an ultrasound scan coming up shortly to check there is nothing seriously wrong, so fingers crossed, that will confirm my injury is healing nicely. The upside is that now spring has arrived I will be able to train in warmer weather. Yorkshire Marathon here I come!

Update November 2023

I’m ready to run in the Pierrepont Plod event near Nottingham on Sunday 12th November (postponed for 2 weeks due to flooding). One circuit of the course is just over 5 km and any number of circuits can be completed within the maximum time of 6 hrs. My goal is to complete 4 circuits which would be a half marathon. This will be a significant step along the way to my final goal of a full marathon sometime next year. Wish me luck! All donations welcome.

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