Attack on Sorpe Dam is based on a true story, part of Operation Chastise – the Dambusters Raid.  It is set within the context of the RAF bomber offensive on Germany, during WW2.  The story features a first-hand account from the perspective of George “Johnny” Johnson, a young 21 year old RAF 617 Squadron Bomb Aimer.

The film follows the story of Johnny and his aircrew from March 1943, on joining a newly formed squadron, for a top secret, special operation that has the potential to shorten the war in Europe. Johnny describes the dangerous low flying training and events leading up to the operational briefing on May 16 1943. Johnny and his crew finally discover what they are expected to do and are presented with what seems like an impossible task. They are to fly at 100 feet in a four engine Lancaster bomber at night, over many miles of occupied enemy territory. On reaching the target, they need to drop a new weapon that has never before been tried operationally, with pin-point accuracy, in a way they had not practiced and then make their way back home safely. Nothing like this had ever been attempted.

Johnny was a huge advocate for preserving the heritage of Bomber Command and a huge supporter of the IBCC.  He was also passionate about education and so we are delighted and enormously grateful to Andrew Panton and Piotr Forkasiewicz, the producers, and to Johnny’s family for handing this amazing film to the IBCC to raise funds for a new Learning Centre.  If you would like to find out more about our Learning programmes, please click here.

“As a former 617 Squadron bomb aimer who flew in Lancasters, I can remember the low flying experiences and really liked the Attack on Sorpe Dam film. I feel the film does a great job in covering a lesser well known part of the Dambusters story and recommend people see the film.”

Wing Commander John Bell MBE DFC Ld’H

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Film Overview

Genre: Docudrama

Viewing category: The film is suitable for viewing by all ages

Language: English

Running Time: 50 minutes 17 seconds

Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Audio Format: Stereo

Frame Rate: 30 frames per second

Year of Production: 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

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The film will be available for public viewing through a licence agreement with the IBCC. To request a film screening contact

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The film was designed to be shown as part of a live public presentation and will not be available on DVD or streaming services.


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