School visits enable your students to develop their skills in historical enquiry through first-hand accounts, unique artefacts and state of the art interactives.


A facilitated visit normally lasts from 10am-2pm and consists of 3 sessions. Workshops are held in our education suite and we provide a space for lunch.

Activities include:

  • Hands-on activities using real life stories, from those who were there, and artefacts used by Bomber Command in World War II. Our workshops focus on remembrance, sacrifice, suffering and bravery and help bring to life the events of the era.
  • Access to our exhibition. This uses interactive displays activities and first-hand experiences to tell the story of Bomber Command and those affected by their actions.
  • A guided tour of our Spire, Memorial Walls and Peace Gardens with an expert tour guide.

Contact our Learning Officer to find out more about the workshops we have on offer and to book your visit at


  • Explore the exhibition and discover the story of Bomber Command under your own steam.
  • Clipboards, pencil’s and paper are available on request.
  • Learn about the IBCC and Bomber Command with a guided tour from one of our expert education tour guides.
  • You are welcome to eat your pack lunches in the grounds (only food purchased on site to be eaten in the Hub Café).

For more information and to book your visit contact the learning team on

Please visit the resources page to download more information about our schools offer including- a risk assessment, FAQs and pre/post visit activity ideas.


  • Discover what it was like to be on a bombing sortie with our immersive experience
  • Be a member of an operational Aircrew with our interactive aircraft table
  • Build a plane puzzle – can you beat the clock?
  • Find out about the role of women in WWII
  • Travel the world with the 62 nations who served in Bomber Command
  • What did children do during the war?
  • Learn about navigation and how it was used
  • Hear the stories of the people who were there


  • What it was like serving as Aircrew, or providing support to Bomber Command
  • What it was like to take part in a operation
  • What it was like to be involved in a bombing sortie
  • The story of the civilians building the planes
  • The impact of the operations on the targeted populations
  • The debates in the War Cabinet about the wisdom of campaigns
  • The struggle for recognition by those who served Bomber Command