Sqn Ldr C Downes

Christophe, known as Chris, joined the RAF in 1973 as an apprentice dental technician. He reached the rank of Ch Tech and did tours in the UK, as well as RAF(H) Wegberg, during the Cold War. He was attached to the Royal Navy twice, during his time as a dental technician. Chris was part of the implementation team setting up Tactical Medical Wing (TMW) at RAF Lyneham.

He was commissioned in 1999 at the ripe old age of 42, but still managed to keep up with the younger cadets on his squadron; as a Medical Support branch officer. Chris did operational tours in Iraq (Op Telic) and Afghanistan at Nato International Security Assistance Force HQ (ISAF HQ CMED). He did a tour as the adjutant at 612 auxiliary squadron in RAF Leuchars and enjoyed this tour with fond memories.

Chris’s final tour before retiring was at Whittington Barracks tri-service HQ. His father was also a Sqn Ldr and served in bomber command during the Second World War.

He met his wife Fiona, who was also in the RAF. She was a dental nurse. They married in October 1983 and were blessed with a son, Alistair and a daughter, Gemma.

He was a published author and an artist. Some of his paintings can be found hanging in Sergeants/Officers messes around the country.

He is sadly missed every day. 28/07/57 – 30/03/23

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