The IBCC experience

The IBCC provides a world-class facility acknowledging the efforts, sacrifices and commitment of the men and women, from 62 different nations, who came together in Bomber Command during WWII.

The project also covers the stories of those who suffered as a result of the bombing campaigns and those whose survival was guaranteed by the humanitarian operations of Bomber Command.

Serving current and future generations as an international point for recognition, remembrance & reconciliation and incorporating state of the art technology throughout its exhibitions and education facilities. The project, through first-hand testimonies of the individuals involved and their photographs and documents, marks their important role in our modern history.


Our aims

  • To remember the thousands of men and women from across the world who were part of Bomber Command’s efforts during WWII
  • To educate the generations of today and those who follow, about the individuals who served with Bomber Command and the sacrifices they made to preserve our freedom
  • To allow individuals across the world to discover more about Bomber Command and those who served it, through their experiences as told by letters, diaries and memories
  • To tell the stories of those affected by the bombing campaigns across Europe


Visitor comments 

Thank you to your Tour Guide, and his helpers, for such a memorable afternoon at the IBCC Spire and Memorial Walls. I found my uncle’s name and was able to place a poppy there. I will be visiting again next summer with my two brothers.

I really enjoyed the opportunity of visiting it. It’s a splendid tribute to the brave air crews of Bomber Command

The IBCC is an amazing project that in my mind will do more to keep our Bomber Command Veterans’ flame alive for future generations than anything else I’ve seen.

Thank you very much for a most interesting and informative day.  I am most grateful to you and your team.

  • The project was launched in May 2013
  • The site covers just under 10 acres
  • It honours all who served, supported or suffered in the bombing campaigns of WWII
  • Over 500 volunteers, from 9 different countries, have been involved so far

“My family and I attended the visit to the memorial yesterday and wow, what a place. It is already very special and with all the additions planned will really be something exceptional in a couple of years’ time. Many, many thanks for organising the visit for me.”