The Gremlin Trail - For Kids

The IBCC has a new resident tour guide, a gremlin called Gus. During the Second World War, all aircrews knew about gremlins. Gremlins tinkered with the aircraft’s controls hid the navigator’s equipment, whisper insults in the pilot’s ear and they had even been known to move the runway when an aircraft was coming into land. In fact, meddling gremlins were responsible for nearly everything that went wrong on an aircraft! Now the war is over, and there are fewer aircraft to meddle with so Gus has found a new job at the IBCC.

Use the IBCC’s new E-trail to explore the story of Bomber Command in World War Two gremlin style with games, photos, and real-life stories from the people who were there to help you:

  • Discover WW2 through the story of a rear gunner (and some of the disgusting things airmen did for luck!)
  • Learn about life on the Homefront
  • Uncover the truth about gremlin mischief in WW2
  • Learn about Bomber Command after the war
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Gus the Gremlin!
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The trail has been designed for 7-11-year-olds, although adults may be required for discussions and challenges. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and a sense of adventure!

The trail will work on most smartphones and tablets. Headphones are recommended but not essential.

Ask at reception when you arrive for information about how to access the trail. Don’t forget to tell them what you thought. Prizes available!

Gus’ special gremlin tour covers SCMS, STEM, and local history and helps children develop their listening and reading skills when working with non-fiction texts.

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