Lincolnshire is renowned as  ‘Bomber County’ and has a vast aviation heritage as well as a diverse array of other heritage attractions. We are proud of our links to everything from America’s Founding Fathers to the birth of Methodism.


Its location, and flat, open countryside, made it ideal for the development of airfields during World War I. During World War II, Lincolnshire became the most important home to Bomber Command. Several airfields are still operational and serving the modern day RAF. Former airfields, museums and memorials bear witness to the bravery of the men and women who served here.

The Wolds in Lincolnshire has also been the inspirational starting point of many historical and artistic figures including Captain John Smith, Sir Joseph Banks and Sir John Franklin. The Tennyson family has a strong association with the area, with Alfred, Lord Tennyson – the Poet Laureate – born here and spending much of his formative years in Somersby,Tealby, Louth and Horncastle. See also where Sir Issac Newton grew up (and scribbled formula on the walls), at Woolsthorpe Manor, also home to the apple tree.

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