Wapitis Wellingtons and Binderband

Waptis Wellingtons and BinderbandThis is the story of an extraordinary man, Roger Maw. Most of us will of heard of the consequences of one episode of his life as he will be recorded in history as the man who built the wooden horse for that most successful of escapes from Stalag Luft 111.

Wapitis, Wellingtons and Binderband tells the story of Roger from his birth in 1906. His upbringing on a country farming estate owned by his busy parents, in the company of the estate artisans and crafts people, followed by a formal education. It is extremely well illustrated.

The unexpected knock on the door, the proposition to join the Auxiliary and Special Reserve Air Force at the age of 21 years and the beginning of life as an aviator within the Empire between world wars.

On the outbreak of World War 11, Wing Commander Roger Maw 12 squadron flew Wellingtons from Binbrook and took the early air war to the Third Reich on raids to Berlin and the Ruhr. Destiny led him to Egypt via Gibralter and Malta, and his eventual capture and transfer to mainland Europe as a prized prisoner of the Luftwaffe…

Like so many Roger finished with the shadow of war and returned to his family and farming in his beloved Lincolnshire.

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