SURVIVOR – A true story of one mans war

SurvivorWritten and published in 2004 by Roy E.Hill Ex-Flight Lieutenant RAF VR

Each book is signed ” Best Wishes Roy E.Hill ” inside the front cover.

A true story of one mans war.

This book tells the true story of the authors life in the RAF in WW2.Joining at 18, he tells of bring assigned to an operational Lancaster Squadron ( No.207 ) and provides an intimate profile of each of the six other members of the crew. The risks and dangers of night operations are graphically exposed,so is the evacution from their burning and crippled aircraft on a dark night in the depth of the winter 1944.

The period spent as a prisoner of war, with all its privations, is well documented at P.O.W. Camp Stalag Luft 1.

114 pages illustrated, also includes separate insert booklet with the poem ‘Mullers Birthday Present’ which recalls the events on the arrival at Stalag Luft 1.
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