Riding in the Shadow of Death

Riding in the Shadow of DeathThe amazing true life story of Lancaster Bomber pilot Bill North – who served with RAF Bomber Command’s 61 Squadron during WW2.

His story is told by Chris Keltie, who as a 7 year old boy met Bill and his family after moving into the house next-door in London, March 1970. Over the years Chris heard many accounts of Bill’s WW2 experiences and grew to realise, that his unassuming next-door neighbour and good friend was actually, an extraordinary man.

The odds in Bomber Command of crew survival were extreme. The chance of completing a tour of 30 operations was one in three; the highest losses in the British Armed Services in WW2 – dying as fast as Officers in the trenches during WW1 – only the German U-Boat crews would suffer similar losses. In the face of adversity, the bond between crew members serving in the RAF was phenomenal. Bill and his crew had many near death experiences and witnessed many of their comrades dying.

Riding in the Shadow of Death, weaves together a fascinating mixture of historical, political, social and cultural events from the turbulent 20th Century. It is a story of survival, comradeship, life and death, and will not fail to move and touch your soul.

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