Drama in the Night

Drama in the nightDuring the Second World War, the allied bombers often flew over the isle of Goeree-Overflakkee on their missions, as it lay on a relatively safe route to Germany and back to their home base.

The German air defense took a heavy toll however and dozens of aircrafts have crashed on or close to the isle. Among these, there were four Avro Lancaster aircrafts of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command.

In this edition of the WO2GO foundation, the four Lancaster crashes are described. All twenty nine crew members died and paid the highest price in the battle against Nazi-Germany.

Due to intensive research the foundation managed to recollect the stories behind these crashes and the crewmembers involved. They have regained their faces and their personal stories, where for seventy years they were only names and serial numbers on gravestones.

This is their story, let them be remembered!

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