Chadwick’s Magic Balloon Children’s T-shirt’s

Childrens ShirtRoy Chadwick, CBE, the first Englishman to design, build and fly his own aeroplane, joined Alliott Verdon-Roe in 1911, and became Chief Designer of their firm, A V Roe & Co Ltd in 1919, right up to the year of his tragic death in 1947.

During this time, he became one of the world’s most brilliant aircraft designers, responsible for such iconic aircraft as the Avro Tutor, Anson, Lancaster, York, Shackleton and Vulcan.

But despite his heavy workload he was a great family man, who loved to think of fanciful games to entertain his two young daughters, Margaret and Rosemary. When he took Rosemary out in the car he would liken it to a balloon and tell her about the places they were “flying over”. He called himself “Biggy” and Rosemary “Osie”.

Once he pretended a passenger with them, a “Miss Spillikins”, poked her umbrella through the balloon’s side and they made a sudden descent!

On Rosemary’s 16th Birthday, Roy Chadwick drew this reminder of their “balloon” trips in her Autograph book. Sadly her Father passed away a year later.

The IBCC would like to thank Rosemary Lapham, Roy Chadwick’s daughter as she has kindly allowed us to reproduce the design from her autograph book, the above explanation has been written by Peter Clegg, a friend of Rosemary.

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