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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Lancaster
Serial Number JA981
Markings KC-J
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country United Kingdom
Burial/Memorial Place Wickhambreux (St. Andrew) Churchyard
Grave Reference
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 1
Panel Number 67
Enlistment information
Service Number 60335
Service Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Group 5
Squadron 617
Trade Pilot
Country of origin if different
Last Operation information
Start Date 14-Sep-1943
End Date 15-Sep-1943
Takeoff Station Coningsby
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Ladbergen- Dortmund Ems canal. All crews recalled after reports of fog in the target area.
Reason for Loss Recalled after a reconnaissance Mosquito reported fog in the target area. Crashed in the sea off Cromer