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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Halifax
Serial Number W7933
Markings DY-
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country United Kingdom
Burial/Memorial Place Stoke-on-Trent (Burslem) Cemetery
Grave Reference Sec. V. Grave 2597.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 2
Panel Number 199
Enlistment information
Service Number 942146
Service Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Group 4
Squadron 102 (Ceylon)
Trade Flight Engineer
Country of origin if different
Last Operation information
Start Date 11-Dec-1942
End Date 12-Dec-1942
Takeoff Station Pocklington
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Turin. 82 aircraft, 4 losses (4.8%). Many crews turned back before crossing the Alps due to extreme icing. 28 crews bombed the city but the local authorities only report 3 high explosive bombs fell, 2 of which did not explode.
Reason for Loss Crashed into a hillside and burst into flames near Sowerby, Yorkshire due to poor visibility