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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Lancaster
Serial Number LM689
Markings UM-C2
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country United Kingdom
Burial/Memorial Place Brookwood Military Cemetery
Grave Reference 55. G. 5.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 1
Panel Number 10
Enlistment information
Service Number R/203369
Service Royal Canadian Air Force
Group 1
Squadron 626
Trade Air Gunner
Country of origin if different
Miscellaneous information
Before joining up Earl was a Jr. Chemist at Algoma Steel Corporation. He attended Sault Ste Marie Central School from 1930 – 1938 in Matric. From 1938-1941 he attended Sault Collegiate Institute in the commercial program then transferred to Sault Ste Marie Tech for the industry program. In 1937 Earl worked for Frank Wolloc as a clerk. He would have been in grade school at that time and he states his reason for leaving was for a better position. In 1941 he worked for Abitiby Power and Paper as a general labourer but got laid off in the same year. He started working for Algoma Steel in 1942 sometime (no date seemed to be provided) but he wanted to return to that position after the war. During his growing up Earl enjoyed football, skating and skiing as well as stamp collecting and he seemed to always want to fly!
Last Operation information
Start Date 22-Oct-1944
End Date 22-Oct-1944
Takeoff Station Wickenby
Day/Night raid Day
Operation Mine laying- Silverthorn area
Reason for Loss Attacked by a night fighter on the return leg. The first attack was beaten off but cannon fire from the second killed the rear gunner instantly. The fighter was shaken off and the aircraft made a safe return to base with F/S Bock's body aboard.