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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Halifax II
Serial Number JD271
Markings NA-M
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country United Kingdom
Burial/Memorial Place Runnymede Memorial
Grave Reference Panel 256.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 2
Panel Number 261
Enlistment information
Service Number R/180232
Service Royal Canadian Air Force
Group 6
Squadron 428 (Ghost)
Trade Air Gunner
Country of origin if different Canada
Last Operation information
Start Date 19-Feb-1944
End Date 20-Feb-1944
Takeoff Station Middleton St. George
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Leipzig. 823 aircraft, 78 losses (9.5%). Excluding early returners, the Halifax loss rate was 14.9%. As a result, Halifax Mks II and V were permanently withdrawn from service over Germany. The Kiel mine laying diversion was successful in drawing off fighters, but the German controllers only sent half of the available aircraft. As soon as the bomber stream crossed the Dutch coast they were confronted by the remaining half of the fighters and, moreover, the ones sent to Kiel were returned to join the fray. As a consequence, the fighters steadily picked off bombers all the way to this distant target. The winds were strongly than had been predicted and many bombers arrived early and had to orbit the target awaiting the Pathfinders, further increasing the likelihood of being picked off, either by flak or fighters. Leipzig was cloud covered and sky-marking had to be used. Early bombing appeared to be concentrated but later bombing less so. There was no local report nor a reconnaissance flight the following day. An American raid the following day then made it impossible to judge the effectiveness of the raid.
Reason for Loss Crashed into the Ijsselmeer off Andijk