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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Halifax I
Serial Number L9605
Markings GV-Y
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country Netherlands
Burial/Memorial Place Jonkerbos War Cemetery
Grave Reference 11. N. 11.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 2
Panel Number 201
Enlistment information
Service Number 570626
Service Royal Air Force
Squadron 1652 CU
Trade Observer
Country of origin if different United Kingdom
Miscellaneous information
Date of crash- 31/5/42. PoWed but then shot by allied fighter while marching in a PoW column
Fellow Servicemen
Last Operation information
Start Date 30-May-1942
End Date 31-May-1942
Takeoff Station Marston Moor
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Cologne. 1047 sortie raid- the first of the 1000 Bomber Raids. 1455 tons of bombs dropped, one third being incendiaries. Local reports state that there were 1700 large fires but no firestorm unlike Rostock and Lubeck since Cologne was a modern city with building
Reason for Loss Crashed near Venlo, Holland