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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Halifax II
Serial Number DT747
Markings DY-
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country Denmark
Burial/Memorial Place Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery
Grave Reference Coll. grave A. 10. 10-15.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 2
Panel Number 189
Enlistment information
Service Number 1380237
Service Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Group 4
Squadron 102 (Ceylon)
Trade WOp/AG
Country of origin if different United Kingdom
Last Operation information
Start Date 20-Apr-1943
End Date 21-Apr-1943
Takeoff Station Pocklington
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Stettin. 339 aircraft, 21 losses (6.2%). Beyond the range of Oboe but a successful raid nonetheless. Visibility was good and PFF marked the target very accurately. Over 100 acres of industrial land were completely destroyed. Production was completely halted at a large chemical plant. 586 deaths in the city
Reason for Loss Crashed at Saedden, Denmark