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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Stirling III
Serial Number MZ262
Markings WP-K
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country United Kingdom
Burial/Memorial Place Wick Cemetery
Grave Reference Sec. M. Grave 622.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 2
Panel Number 174
Enlistment information
Service Number 1389502
Service Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Group 3
Squadron 90
Trade Navigator
Country of origin if different United Kingdom
Last Operation information
Start Date 22-Sep-1943
End Date 23-Sep-1943
Takeoff Station Wratting Common
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Hanover- the first of four large raids. 711 aircraft, 26 losses (3.7%). Five American B-17s also took part. Visibility was good but strong winds hampered the marking efforts and consequently the bombing by the main force. No local report is available but it is unlikely that significant damage was caused.
Reason for Loss The starboard inner engine caught fire soon after takeoff, leading to the aircraft exploding at 500'