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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Lancaster I
Serial Number LM258
Markings HA-Q
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country United Kingdom
Burial/Memorial Place Cambridge City Cemetery
Grave Reference Grave 14768.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 2
Panel Number 158
Enlistment information
Service Number 1399766
Service Royal Air Force
Group 3
Squadron 218 (Gold Coast)
Trade Navigator
Country of origin if different United Kingdom
Last Operation information
Start Date 25-Aug-1944
End Date 25-Aug-1944
Takeoff Station Methwold
Day/Night raid Day
Operation Vincly- to attack a flying bomb site. Part of a 161 strong force to attack 5 V-bomb sites in the Pas de Calais. Varying results. 3 aircraft lost (1.8%)
Reason for Loss Possibly hit by flak at St. Omer on the return leg. Crashed into the sea off Felixstowe