COX GW 469
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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Blenheim IV
Serial Number T2254
Markings OO-A
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country Belgium
Burial/Memorial Place Schoonselhof Cemetery
Grave Reference II. H. 15.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 2
Panel Number 149
Enlistment information
Service Number 1381469
Service Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Squadron 13 (XIII)
Trade WOp/AG
Country of origin if different United Kingdom
Miscellaneous information
Although 13 Squadron was an army support unit, it was co-opted to Bomber Command throughout the period for which the Thousand Bomber raids were taking place. The squadron mainly flew intruder raids to key German aerodromes in an effort to neutralise the German night-fighter effort. On one occasion, however, 13 Squadron did fly as part of the main force (25th June 1942 attack against Bremen).
Fellow Servicemen
Last Operation information
Start Date 25-Jun-1942
End Date 26-Jun-1942
Takeoff Station Wattisham
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Intruder mission to Nachtjagd base at Venlo, Netherlands
Reason for Loss Crashed near Aartselaar, Belgium following flak damage