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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Lancaster III
Serial Number LM658
Markings HW-W
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country Netherlands
Burial/Memorial Place Hardenberg Protestant Cemetery
Grave Reference Row A. Grave 2.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 1
Panel Number 88
Enlistment information
Service Number 55792
Service Royal Air Force
Group 1
Squadron 100
Trade Air Bomber
Country of origin if different United Kingdom
Last Operation information
Start Date 12-Aug-1944
End Date 13-Aug-1944
Takeoff Station Grimsby
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Braunschweig
Reason for Loss Lost navigation aids outbound but continued. Hit by flak three times during and after the bombing run and eventually set on fire. Then attacked twice by a night fighter before the pilot ordered the crew to bale out