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Aircraft Information
Aircraft Lancaster III
Serial Number LM514
Markings PH-Q
Memorial information
Burial/Memorial Country France
Burial/Memorial Place Choloy War Cemetery
Grave Reference 1A. C. 13.
IBCC Memorial Information
Phase 1
Panel Number 27
Enlistment information
Service Number 1003978
Service Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Group 1
Squadron 12
Trade Air Gunner
Country of origin if different United Kingdom
Miscellaneous information
From MI9 report by F/S Albert Ernest John Townsend from the same crew as Sgt Davidson: "We were engaged on sabotage works and the collection of arms from supplies dropped by British aircraft. After 7th June 1944 we began local action against German troops. About this time Sgt Davison [sic] RAF was fatally wounded in an accident when a Frenchman was cleaning his rifle. He was taken to hospital in Troyes and died the next day".
Bill Viollet's account: "We were sitting round a fire late afternoon when a French lad whose name I do not remember came up behind Davison [sic] and put his rifle up against his back and to scare him, pulled the trigger. The bullet came out through his groin and I sat by him holding my first aid pad over the wound and pressing to stop the bleeding. Somebody ran to the village to get a doctor who came out to the edge of the forest. Sgt Davison was taken to hospital where he died. An accident, but a very silly one. The youngsters had had no training with guns, they seemed to think they were playthings!"
Last Operation information
Start Date 03-May-1944
End Date 04-May-1944
Takeoff Station Wickenby
Day/Night raid Night
Operation Mailly-le-Camp
Reason for Loss Shot down by a night-fighter moments after leaving the target area, crashing at la Belle Idee on the main road leading to Troyes. All of the crew survived the crash- one being captured immediately and the remainder evaded capture with the assistance of locals, Sgt Davidson having bailed out. He was accidentally shot on 26th May by a French resistance fighter while hiding at the Hotel Dieu de Troyes. The bullet exited his groin, having fractured his pelvis. His wounds were initially tended by Bill Viollet before being transferred to hospital, where he later died.