Become a Volunteer

The IBCC volunteers have been an essential part of bringing this project to life.  We believe volunteering should be a two way partnership and that our volunteers will enjoy and benefit from being a part of a project that is making history.  Whether you are based locally, elsewhere in the UK or internationally there is a part you can play in making this project a reality.

If you are interested in volunteering as part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award, we have do have placements available. These are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Please contact Jess at directly to discuss further volunteering at the centre as part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award.


“Thank you for this it really was an honour to be there and meet so many wonderful veterans. It was also nice to meet you and other staff who until this week had been names on an email. 

I also want to add, as I was at the welcome tent as people were leaving at least 6 people asked me to pass on their thanks for a wonderful event. So I hope you can share this with the team.

Thank you again for allowing me to be part of history.”

Alan Pinchbeck, volunteer

Volunteer Roles

The types of work individuals and groups can get involved with is wide ranging and enables people with differing skills, hobbies and interests to be involved in making history.


The IBCC provides training for many different aspects of volunteer work.  From an array of archival tasks to tour guiding, training is provided by experienced staff members or external agencies.  For some roles training can also be delivered through our Volunteer Portal using instructional videos and downloadable documents.

Social Life

Each year we run a number of events for our volunteers.  These provide a great opportunity to meet up with other volunteers and make new friends.

We also run a programme of visits to other heritage and aviation centres across the county.

The online Volunteer Portal is a great place to find out about your fellow volunteers and see what their key interests are.  The forum also allows you to communicate with other members and is a great place to ask questions on areas of volunteering and research that you may be finding tricky.

Who gets involved?

We have a great variety of people and groups getting involved with the project, they are all playing a key part towards it’s continuing development, so whoever you are, wherever you live and however much spare time you have, please let us know.

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Archive and Research Roles

  • Creating meta data
  • Scanning
  • Proof Reading
  • Transcribing interviews and documents
  • Photograph cropping and watermarking
  • Creating Collection Inventories
  • Research
  • Oral/Video History Recording

General Roles

  • Education Support
  • Retail Support in the Centre Shop
  • Supporting our wide range of events
  • Catering Support
  • Tour Guiding
  • PR and Marketing
  • Creating biographies of the names on the walls
  • Fundraising