David Stubbs

When I served in the Royal Air Force I flew as an Air Electronics Operator and Air Electronics Officer on the Nimrod MR2 and the Sentry AEW Mk1 (E-3D) with the RAF and on the E-3B/C with the USAF (as an exchange officer), as well as undertaking a number of operations, planning and training staff appointments. I managed, and taught, the RAF’s Air Battle Staff and Higher Air Warfare Courses and gained an MA in Air Power: History, Theory and Practice at the University of Birmingham in 2012. Since then my academic articles on the topic have been published in air power journals in the UK, USA and Canada. These have described the prevailing political/military dynamic and have dissected the leadership, conduct and outcome of respective campaigns. As a teenager in the Second World War my father, who avidly collected all seven volumes of the ‘Aircraft of the Fighting Powers’ series, from 1940-1946, had wanted to become RAF aircrew. He once saw 617 Sqn conduct practice runs over the dams in Derbyshire after he had cycled there with friends from his home in Sheffield and he had passed a variety of increasing difficult Volunteer Reserve selection tests, but the war ended before his training in Canada had begun. My memories of him and my interest in air power have spurred me on to do what I can to help with this project.