David Meanwell

Having retired from a job in IT project management it was time to spend some quality time on the things that really interest me. One of those, pretty much a life-long interest, is military aviation history. Growing up I knew friends of my parents, and the father of my best friend, who had flown in Bomber Command but back then there wasn’t much information around and they, the veterans, didn’t talk about it much, if at all.

Around ten years ago I started researching the Meanwell family history (appropriately enough we’re a Lincolnshire family although my father and I were both born in Kent). I discovered that a cousin had flown and died in Bomber Command. Victor Meanwell had an interesting but relatively short life. Born in Russia, lived briefly in Lincs and then in Canada where he lived, worked, married and joined the RCAF. He died in a training flight crash in Warwickshire and is buried in Horncastle, Lincolnshire.

When I heard about the the IBCC I knew that I wanted to become involved to do my small bit to help ensure that Victor and the other 55,572 members of Bomber Command who died in the Second World War are never forgotten.