Clive Smith

I am a Bomber Command Researcher and I first got interested in the subject when I would look through my cousin’s logbook when I was 9 and 10 and look in awe at the entries of German cities, the letters from the Air Ministry and the old photographs. No one in my family seemed to know what had happened to Sgt Jack Hougham who was shot down returning from Cologne on 9th July 1943. In my mid twenties I took the first steps in trying to find out more about him. Some 20 years later back in 2013 I was fortunate to have my first book published called ‘Lancaster Bale Out’ that finally answers the questions I wanted to know as a young boy.

I find research in this area a very fulfilling experience and enjoy making connections and filling in the gaps for other families who wish to know more about what happened to their relatives, especially if I can manage to get hold of period photos of the airmen concerned. I’m working on my next book now about the Stirling bomber.

Bill Chorley has set the benchmark for Bomber Research with his classic ‘Bomber Command Losses’ volumes but the IBCC concept should take that to the next level now and I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.