Cherry Greveson

My father was a pilot on Wellingtons and Lancasters, but, like so many youngsters, I simply didn’t bother to ask. However, I was always interested in history and studied for a BA(Hons) in Modern History, where I became increaslingly interested in military history, particularly military aviation history. For the past 6 years I haved been PRO for The Bomber Command Aircrew Veterans Group (Sussex), organising fundraising mostly with ‘signings’, talks, etc. and also social events for the veterans in ‘my care’. The group has raised over £60,000 towards the London Bomber Command memorial (even more doing ‘signings’ in small groups at airshows), and has recently decided they want to support the IBCC project. I never cease to be amazed by ‘my guys’ – all now well into their 90s. One of them, Bill Lucas, aged 98, is now the oldest living holder of a British gallantry award in the world (so I am reliably informed!). The guys are really excited by the archive project, with the thought that the legacy of the young men of Bomber Command will be preserved for the future generations. And one thing I always notice is that it is always about their friends who didn’t make it, never about them. What a privilege to count these men among my friends!