Brian Wright

Hi everyone.

Like many of the volunteers here I have a lifelong passion for RAF history and military aviation and would love to be involved in the IBCC’s project to preserve the memory of those who served with Bomber Command.

I live in Lancashire but am able to travel to the Cumbria and North/West Yorkshire areas if required

I read, research and write aircrew biographies for families whose relatives have served in the wartime RAF at home and abroad. Their experiences saw them serve in the UK, France, Italy, North Africa and the Far East and they served as: Pilot, Navigator, Wireless Operator, Air Gunner, Flight Engineer and WAAF (Signal/Cypher officer). During my research I’ve interviewed and corresponded with veterans in this country and abroad.

After some time in pilot training, I went on to university and then on to a long career as a Manager for Electricity North West. I have wide experience giving talks and presentations so would be very happy to offer assistance in the following areas:

– interviewing

– research

– education support (talks/ presentations).

– proof reading

Having met several veterans already, I can say that it is always a pleasure and (for me personally) an immense privilege to talk to them and hear their stories. I look forward to meeting and hopefully working with you in the near future.

Brian Wright