Annie Moody

I took early retirement from the Civil Service in 2012, and that enabled me spend more time becoming involved in my husband’s great interest in 2nd WW veterans and their stories. We regularly drive veterans to reunions, meetings etc., so I already knew quite a number of them, and when my husband became a volunteer for IBCC I decided that I would volunteer as well, specifically to do oral history recordings with Bomber Command Veterans. Although I’ve heard parts of their stories over the years in general conversation, this gave me the opportunity to hear and record some really interesting – and often amazing – detail. I really enjoy it, and I think the veterans do too. It’s good to know that their very personal memories will be saved for future generations to hear, and to give recognition for what they, and their friends who sadly did not return, actually did in Bomber Command. At the last count I’ve done 25 recordings, with hopefully lots more to come. This picture is of one of my favourite interviewees, W/O Ron Tomlin, 10 Squadron, who told me some great stories of what it was actually like to ditch in the sea, be rescued off the French coast by the Germans, and his subsequent experiences as a POW.