Anne Mumby

I’ve been interested in history as long as I can remember. Being brought up on RAF camps from birth till nearly 18, I couldn’t help but absorb the history of the RAF. In my early teens I lived at RAF Binbrook at the time when there was a reunion of 460 RAAF Squadron. The memorial in the village was unveiled, covered by local BBC news. So many veterans and their wives travelled from Australia for the event. The Battle of Britain Lancaster stood outside one of the hangers for several days. My dad took me and my brother up to see it, and we could go on board. I couldn’t get right to the cockpit as there were two veterans sitting there. Strange to think I was stood near men who may have known the 460 Sqn crewmen I have been researching! I was in the church choir so was involved a very little bit over that week. I talked to some of the wives. They said how important get togethers like that were. Their husbands tended not to talk about their experiences to others. When they all met together they didn’t need to talk, they all just knew.

Well, all that had me truly hooked on the Lancaster and Bomber Command with a particular interest in the Australian contribution.

Though not a Yellowbelly I still live in Lincolnshire, not far from the former RAF Faldingworth, Wickenby and Hemswell Cliff.