Andy Wheatley

I’ma currently serving member of the Royal Air Force working on 29 Reserve Squadron at RAF Coningsby. As a Weapons Technician (Armourer) by trade I have always had an interest in the mission Bomber Command carried out in WW2, not only from the aircrew’s perspective but also the ground crew’s. When I first moved to Lincolnshire I read a book called ‘Lincolnshire Airfields in the Second World War’ by Patrick Otter. This is an excellent book that reveals a lot about how bomber command operated at base level. I have previously served on 12 Bomber Squadron which through out WW2 was based mainly at RAF Binbrook and RAF Wickenby. The history of this squadron in particular interests me as two members of the squadron Flying Officer Garland and Sergeant Gray both posthumously received the Victoria Cross. I hope I can in anyway help to make the International Bomber Command Centre a place where people can remember the bravery and dedication of these airmen.