Andrew Macdonald

My family were sea farers for the most part and were either too old to play a part in the two World Wars or had Reserved Occupations, which kept them out of harm’s way….my great uncle decided to buck the family trend and enlisted in the RAF on the outbreak of war….he was just the right age unfortunately…. 21. He volunteered for flying training and within a year or so, he was sent off to Canada as part of the Empire Air Training scheme. He did well…so well that he became an instructor on Anson’s. It’s a great pity he didn’t stay in Canada as he surely would have come home. Alas the winds of war whistled through his conscience and he joined an active Bomber Squadron at RAF Fiskerton in Lincolnshire at the height of the Ruhr Offensive. He lasted just three weeks before he was shot down over Holland. He was two weeks shy of his 25th birthday. My family and I still cherish his memory but many have been forgotten…. As time takes its toll on our veterans and their immediate families. That’s why this work is so important to our social and military history…. We forget it at our peril.