Adam Purcell

Many here, I see, have a family connection to Bomber Command. In my case, it’s my grandfather’s uncle, a man named RW ‘Jack’ Purcell who was a navigator with 467 Squadron. Jack was killed over Lille in May 1944. My father – a history teacher – showed me Jack’s logbook when I was a young lad. After that, I never really stood a chance… I’ve now been digging into the story of Jack and his crew for more than two decades, writing about what I have discovered on my website ( I keep telling myself I’ll put it all into a book, one of these days…

Researching and writing is emphatically not what I’m trained in, though I did have some work published in the first edition of Bomber Command: Failed to Return (Fighting High, 2011). Professionally I’m an air traffic controller in Melbourne. Shift work enables time to go and talk to as many Bomber Command veterans as I can, and I’m honoured to be able to call a number of them close friends.

A single, coordinated, worldwide resource about Bomber Command like the IBCC’s digital archive has been a very long time coming. I’m looking forward to playing my little part in its creation.