The Walls of Names

The Walls of Names remember almost 58,000 men and women who lost their lives serving or supporting Bomber Command during WWII.

The Walls of Names surround the Memorial Spire in a series of circles framing the view of the City and the Cathedral.  There are 270 individual panels. Each one is formed from engraved sheets of Corten Weathering Steel. 

Every life lost in Bomber Command was equal in sacrifice and as a result the walls do not recognise rank or medals awarded.

The IBCC is the only place in the world where all these losses are commemorated.

To find a name on the walls visit our Losses Database.

  • There are 23 walls
  • They carry 270 panels of names
  • There are about 3/4 million individual characters making up the names
  • The names were cut using lasers
  • The panels have been cut to allow for poppies to be placed alongside the names
  • Each panel is numbered to help locate names
  • The names represent the losses from over 45 nations
  • The youngest is only 14