Ex-Straw-Dinary Structures

Team Joseph and their Techni-coloured Ex-Straw-Dinary Structure
Unfortunately this team was disqualified for using too many straws!

The IBCC hold a free, family fun day every school holiday throughout the year. Last week our theme was Ex-Straw-Dinary Structures. For the fun day we took inspiration from our very own extraordinary structure, the Spire and the 2nd anniversary of the Centre’s opening.

The Ex-Straw-Dinary Structures Competition

Attending families were given a mission to build the tallest, self supporting tower out of limited materials. This required teams to put down their digital devises and exercise their oral communication skills. As a result, we were blown away by their creations.  There were strong structures and floppy structures, beautifully decorated bases and pirate flags. What’s more, one or two families should be commended for their ingenious cheating techniques!

Team Joe and Me were our winners. Their structure measured a towering 273cm and on top of this, it stood up all by itself!

Team Joe and Me, congratulations!

William, one of our super star volunteers designed his own award, the William Award and would like to make a special mention to the following teams:

  • Annie and Daddie
  • Joseph Morton
  • Tallis

It is not too late to challenge your family to build an Ex-Straw-Dinary Structures. All you need is:

  • 50 straws
  • Sellotape/ masking tape
  • Cardboard for the base
  • Half a thin newspaper (we used the Metro, but other papers are available)

Why not take a photo when you have built your tower and email our the Learning Officer, Jess?

Other Activities

Alice’s Peg Plane craft was another activity that was very popular on the day. Alice is one of our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers and she designed and led her own craft activity on the day. Our regular collage table was also set up, this is always popular with a queue of children waiting to get stuck in. Outside, the fun continued; a specially designed trail was available to help participants find out more about the Spire and explore the grounds- this was for those who were brave enough to face the weather!

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