IBCC Digital Lecture – The Battle of the Beams

Launching the new series of our digital lectures, which will be delivered via Zoom, our Losses Archivist, Dave Gilbert, will be presenting The Battle of the Beams.

Have you ever wondered how the Germans were able to bomb Coventry with such accuracy so early in the war? Or how the British were able to bomb targets in the Ruhr valley despite complete cloud cover? The answer lies in the Battle of the Beams – a period during which ever increasing amounts of technology were used to help bombers from both sides find their targets. Each had their own advantages, disadvantages and of course counter measures developed by the other side.

In this two-part lecture Dave Gilbert explains how the technology worked using modern technology such as lasers and lots of hands-on demonstrations including everyday items including a bucket of water! Dave’s approach is light-hearted, easy to digest and requires no technical knowledge.

Part 1. – Thursday 25th March

The German approach to the Battle of the Beams, including Lorenz, Knickebein, X-Gerät and Y- Gerät.

Part 2. – Thursday 1st April

The British approach to the Battle of the Beams, including Gee, Oboe, Gee-H and Window (countermeasure).

Please note that a small part of this lecture involves the use of strobe lighting.


The participation cost is £5.00 which covers parts 1 and 2.


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