The Augsburg Raid: The dramatic story of RAF Bomber Command’s raid to turn the tide of the Battle of the Atlantic

April 1942: The Second World War reaches a crucial phase. Nazi Germany now occupies most of Europe and its seemingly unstoppable armed forces drive deeper and deeper into the Soviet Union and North Africa. Britain is in a grim a battle with German U-Boats which threaten to cut off its supply lines in the Battle of the Atlantic. Without the import of raw materials and supplies Britain could face a grim prospect. In a bid to turn the tide against the U-Boat threat, RAF Bomber Command, now armed with the new four engine Avro Lancaster bomber, launces a daring low-level daylight raid to bomb the U-Boat engine factory at Augsburg on 17th April. Augsburg is located deep in the Nazi Reich, would mean the crews of the 12 unescorted Lancaster bombers would face the threat of enemy fighters and groundfire all the way there and back. They have to fly in daylight to ensure accuracy as they face the prospect of the Nazis Reich’s strongest defences. It seems a grim prospect but a bold move needs to be made. James Jefferies will guide you through how this incredible raid played out as well as add insights into its legacy.

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