Lecture & Supper Series – CWGC – What, How and Why

Megan Kelleher, the CWGC Public Engagement Coordinator East (Central), will be talking about the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, from its inception during the First World War to the ongoing work it does to care for the service personnel who lost their lives during the two World Wars.

The Public Engagement Coordinator East (Central), Megan Kelleher, will explain the work of the CWGC by discussing its history. The talk will cover the work of the CWGC from its inception during the First World War to the work it continues to undertake today. This will include personal stories of some of the casualties in the CWGC’s care, in addition to information about upcoming events and projects that may be of interest.

The focus of the talk will be on women’s involvement in the war, including the story of Noor Inayat Khan, the famous SOE agent of American and Indian heritage who is a subject of an upcoming exhibition by the CWGC. Looking at her life and the work that she and many other women did during the two World Wars, the talk will highlight the work of women, the sacrifices they made and the Commission’s dedication to commemorating them in perpetuity. Furthermore, there will be some stories of local history in relation to the two World Wars, and how Lincolnshire’s own history connects with the work of the CWGC.

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