IBCC Lecture and Supper Series – Cause; Effect; Outcome – a journey through PTSD

John and Jill Marshall met when they were both serving in the Royal Air Force (RAF).  Between them they served for a total of 36 years.  They were stationed the length, and, breadth of the UK; overseas they enjoyed tours in West Germany, Cyprus, Belgium, Hong Kong, and, The Falklands.  They both received military commendations.

After leaving the RAF, John’s second career, was as a lecturer in Further & Adult Education; he worked in West London and Derbyshire.  Jill worked for a Management Consultancy, in Buckinghamshire, and, as a Clinical Effectiveness Officer in the NHS, in South Yorkshire.  John and Jill have one daughter, Amy, who is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in the NHS.

Although now both retired, they are class assistants in a local primary school, as well as volunteers for three charities.  They now live in West Yorkshire.

Six years after leaving the RAF, John suffered a brain injury; an event that almost cost him his life.  It was a long, and, at times, traumatic recovery.  This ultimately led to him being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Their presentations, have been delivered to many, and, varied organisations; currently they work with “Headway”, the national brain injury charity.  Although informal, and, light-hearted, their talks are also poignant.  It covers both John, and, Jill’s, journey, through this chronic disorder, that led to a surprising, pleasant, and, effective strategy, to deal with a life changing even.

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